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Why Are So Many Business Owners Migrating Their Servers to the Cloud?

The modern workforce is becoming more and more mobile as technology evolves. Traditional job roles are changing, and whether you are in the office or out in the field, the need for access to secure work resources is on the rise.

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Why Outsource Your Business IT Needs?

Information Technology (IT) plays a crucial role in almost every facet of a modern business. IT has grown to become an essential ingredient in the business planning process and in the achievement of business goals.

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Are You Going on Vacation, or Workcation?

Years ago, in simpler times, we went on vacation and had little or no contact with our workplaces. But with the Internet and advanced mobile and wireless technology, that has changed forever.

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Bad Weather Keeps on Coming – Is Your Business Prepared?

Unlike tornadoes and earthquakes that arrive with very little warning, hurricanes often give us 5-15 days of warning before landfall—thanks to modern weather forecasting technology.

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Disaster Preparedness – Are You Ready?

This is a reminder to dust off that binder on the shelf behind you labeled ‘Disaster Plan.’ What’s that? You mean you don’t have a business continuity plan in place for your organization? Here’s a scary fact for your consideration:

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There's a Big Pile of Cash in Your Server Closet

In many companies, the server closet is that small, noisy room where the servers live. It’s the core of the network and computing infrastructure. This room is often a repurposed broom closet, and in some cases they still contain the brooms.

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The Meaning of Business Agility in Cloud Computing

Today we often hear the phrase “business agility” used in connection with cloud computing. What exactly does it mean? Put simply, business agility is the power to change, rapidly and effectively, to suit changing circumstances. 

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Hottest Issues in Cybersecurity for 2016

2016 is here and all of the terrible cyber security incidents and threats that happened in 2015 are behind us. No more ransomware, no more phishing attacks, no more retailer and credit card security breaches. It’s going to be smooth sailing in 2016…um, don’t bet the farm on that, Dorothy. 

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How to Protect Yourself from Unsecure Wi-Fi

How much of a security risk do you take when you use public Wi-Fi connections? 

In short, you should never trust any public Wi-Fi network to be completely safe. Not the Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop, airport or even the free Wi-Fi that is provided by a hotel for its guests. 

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What is a Virtual Desktop and How Does it Work?

A virtual desktop is an Internet-based hosted desktop service.

Your desktop operating system and data is kept on a server in a data center. You use your Internet-connected device to log in with a personal ID and password via a web browser to connect to this server and use your desktop.

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